🌐How it works ?

Artino Studio AI is a platform consisting of three main components:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Renderer: This component uses the latest AI technology to convert text-based commands or simple drawings into high-quality visuals.

  2. User Interface: This component allows users to interact with the platform and control the image creation process.

  3. NFT Marketplace: This component allows users to sell and buy the images they create.

To use Artino Studio AI:

  1. Register on our platform and create an account.

  2. Enter the text-based command or simple drawing you want to create an image with.

  3. Wait for the AI image maker to create the image.

  4. Edit and customize the generated image.

  5. Sell or buy the image on the NFT marketplace.

How Artino Studio AI works:

  1. The user enters a text-based command or a simple drawing into our platform.

  2. The AI image generator analyzes the command or drawing and uses a set of algorithms to create an image.

  3. The generated image is shown to the user.

  4. The user can edit and customize the image.

  5. The user can sell the image on the NFT marketplace or buy it from the pool of images.

Some important features of Artino Studio AI:

User-friendly: Our platform can be used by anyone, with no technical knowledge or skills required.

Powerful: Our AI image generator can produce high-quality and realistic visuals.

Diverse: Our platform can be used to create a wide range of images.

Flexible: Users can edit and customize the generated images.

Profitability: Users can earn income by selling the images they create.

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